Website Packages

WordPress Professional
$2500 to $5000

For clients with more advanced content and plug-in requirements. Think small businesses with events and menus like restaurants, nightclubs and catering; service-based and informational sites with lots of content; or sites that showcase rich media like music, videos, galleries, slideshows and portfolios.

Pricing includes:

  • fully customized responsive WordPress theme
  • advanced blogging functionality and content integration
  • advanced plug-in integration and customization
  • social media integration

Domain & Hosting

Annual domain registration typically costs between $15-40 per year, depending on the extension and options you choose. The annual cost goes down if you register for multiple years up front. I can handle domain registration on behalf of clients if required.

Website hosting typically costs between $100-750 per year, depending on the level of service you choose. Basic shared hosting falls within the lower end of this price range, and Virtual Private Server (VPS) service falls within the higher end of this price range. I can make recommendations for service providers and handle hosting set-up on behalf of clients if required. I also offer managed hosting with storage and bandwidth limits on my own VPS to clients for an annual fee of $100 per year.

Is your site similar to these?

Capitalize Magazine
McCauley Community League
L.E. (Lindsey) Carmichael
Allin Eye Clinic

These sites from my portfolio are examples of the WordPress Professional package.

Please note that estimated pricing for website packages considers development time for initial delivery only. Pricing will vary based on each project's specific technical and content requirements. Additional services and/or expenses will be quoted separately in formal project estimates. Additional services include website maintenance, copywriting or editing, content development, SEO, graphic design and image manipulation, research, meetings, communications, training, consulting, or technical support. Additional expenses may include domain registration and/or hosting fees, purchase of premium themes or plug-ins, purchase of stock artwork, or sub-contract outsourcing.