Allin Eye Clinic
Website Design & Development


Launch Date
May 5, 2019

Allin Eye Clinic

Client Brief

Allin Eye Clinic is a full-service optometry clinic based in downtown Edmonton. It functions as a sister business to Lendrum Eyecare and Doctors Eyecare, and is owned and operated by the same group of doctors. They provide comprehensive family vision care, as well as optical services and a selection of the latest in stylish and fashion-forward eyewear.

Project Scope

After opening the new Allin Eye Cinic, the Lendrum Eyecare team wanted to create a custom WordPress website based on the same layout and presentation as Lendrum Eyecare, only with a different colour scheme and a few minor alterations, so that all of their locations will have a uniform look and feel.

Technical Specs

  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap Development Framework
  • Toolset Plugin Suite: Types, Views, Layouts
  • Easy Instagram Feed