Copy & Content

A great-looking website, proposal, campaign or presentation will catch your customer’s eye, but it is strong, clear and meticulous copy that makes the difference in communicating your message effectively. With over 15 years’ professional copywriting experience, I have worked on projects that range from technical support documentation to marketing and advertising campaigns to keyword-focused web copy to formal proposals to long-form non-fiction. I have an eye for detail, strong language skills, and I’m merciless when it comes to spelling and grammar.

hourly or project rates

Send me bullet points, or sit down and chat with me about your business, product, service or work while I take notes. From that, I will create well-crafted copy for your website, brochure, proposal, document or campaign. I can also create keyword or concept-focused blog content.

hourly or project rates

If you’ve already got the content but think it could use a few tweaks, I can whip it into shape for you. I will focus on flow, readability, consistency, spelling, grammar and the keywords important to your business and clientele to help you hone and target your message.

Search Visibility
hourly or project rates

I can help integrate the keywords you want to emphasize seamlessly and naturally into your website’s new or existing content. I can also refer you to SEO specialists who audit, evaluate and consult on search engine marketing if you need some extra help climbing those Google search rankings.